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Localization via mobile


What ?

Do you also have a black-out about certain points in time ? Or do you just want to know where your loved one was at a certain moment? The mobile technology offers many advantages, this way we can determine the place where you were at a certain moment based on your mobile number and a date. The result is perplexing and is even illustrated with clear images ... Lokalisatie via de gsm

How ?

There are two ways to trace someone:

  • Mobile and UMTS
  • GPS

We make use of the mobile phone of the user to localize him (the user). The condition is that the mobile was on at the moment that was asked for.

Localization via mobile       With this technique the location of a mobile owner is determined by the basic station with the strongest signal. It is easier to define the position more precisely in a town than in the countryside, for in the city there are more basic stations compared to the countryside.

Three masts are more than enough to obtain an exact location.

At a localization the initiative can come from the user himself, what is defined as an active localization. The operator sends e.g. himself an sms to ask where in the neighbourhood there is a restaurant or where he precisely is. We make use of a passive localization, i.e. through the network of masts the exact location of a mobile owner can be determined.

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